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Studio 404 Photography has spent more than a decade shooting the beautiful scenery that Central Oregon has to offer. Alan Huestis has captured nature, landscapes, local people and annual events from some very creative angles, each with a different story to tell. He has captured the Central Oregon spirit and the unique personalities that make up the special culture of Bend, Oregon.

But his story doesn’t end there. After traveling to more than 60 countries to work on projects, documentaries and to shoot assignments for agenices and magazines, his images tell stories about each individual country and special culture.

You may be looking for something special for your website, marketing materials or special event. If so, please take a look at our extensive collection of stock photography. You may also be searching for limited edition fine art prints, matted or framed, whether decorating a home or business interior, or giving a unique gift.




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For more than 30 years, chief photographer Alan Huestis has been capturing images of scenic beauty, adventure and daily life for a variety of cultures in locations around the world.

These images are now available as stock images and fine art prints. Whether decorating a home or business interior, giving a unique gift, or creating a sales brochure, Studio 404 Photography offers an extensive collection of high quality images.